Jymalot Music was founded in 1985, by Jym, the only band member the band has ever had. He likes it that way. He plays all the instruments, sings all the voices, writes all the songs, with few exceptions.


Recorded and released through JYM Records in association with Fayth Productions from MyjStudios in north Alabama, Jymalot Music has compiled 20 releases, including:

  • The fall 2011 CD, “Call Me When You Can”

  • the Christmas 2010 CD, "One Position"

  • the late summer of 2010 CD, "Relocate"

  • the late 2009 CD "The Word Is"

  • the 2009 summer release of "It's All Good"

  • the spring 2009 release of "Same Difference"

  • the release at Christmas 2008 of "At Home"

  • the "One of Kind" release in the summer of 2008

  • and "Feels Like I'm Waiting" in the summer of 2006.

  • In the summer of 2005 was the release of "Robin's Nest".

  • There were three releases in 2004,

    • "Change",

    • "Wounded",

    • and "Live Upstairs, It's Jymalot Music".

  • "No Shame" was released in 2000.

  • The first Jymalot Music release was "Not Dead" in 1988,

  • followed by "Still Not Dead", in 1989,

  • "Not Even Close", in 1992.

  • "Greatest Hits", Volumes I and II followed in 1993 and 1994,

  • then "Mostly John", a tribute to John Lennon was released in 1997


None of those albums were really heard by anybody.


Heavily influenced by The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Jym recalls hearing his first "rock" song even before those influences.


"I was 9 years old standing in a Dairy Queen in Alexandria, Louisiana, in 1962, and somebody put a quarter in the jukebox and played "It's Another Saturday Night" by Sam Cook. It was the first time I really HEARD the music. From there, I started listening to the girl groups, that wall of sound, particularly Leslie Gore. That satisfied me until a couple of years later when I first heard The Beatles. To this day, that's my favorite music."


Jym was too busy, what with high school, college, girls, marriage, kids, jobs and all, to learn to play music until 1979, when he told a certain ex- friend who turned out later in life to say something really shitty to him that really made him mad and he's STILL mad and is going to STAY mad, and, anyway, he told the ex-friend he wanted to learn to play the guitar. The ex-friend already knew how to play, so he loaned Jym a guitar and taught him C/Am/F/G. Jym soon bought his own guitar.

And today, you can hear the musician that Jym has become from that humble beginning.


Jym has decided it's time now to share with the world the power of the sometimes edgy, occasionally dark, sultry acoustic splendor and lyrical awakening that is Jymalot Music. That's the way he sees it, anyway.